Disney World Trip - Five Stuff you Have to Do

Walt Disney World - "Oh boy. We're going. But now what? There are so many things to do that it's impossible to do them all in a week's vacation. You can reduce stress by knowing some of these Disney tips before you go. Let's begin by sharing 5 Disney World tips that will increase your enjoyment. The Walt Disney World Resort can be very enjoyable, but you can make it even more enjoyable with the following tips.

1. Tickets! An excellent tip from Disney Make sure to get your tickets before leaving home, or at the very least, a day before you plan on entering the first theme park. Best deal: Package tickets. There are many packages to choose from and there will be one that will fit just right. The lines for entry to the park will be long. Think about how much time you'd waste waiting in line to purchase tickets! It would take twice as long to wait! Another Disney tip: Disney shops in malls around the world sell tickets packages for the parks. Multi-day tickets will not last as long as they did before. Once a ticket is used at the first park it will expire in 14 days. But it is still cheaper to pack multiple days of tickets and pay no additional fees. These items can be used on your next trip.

2. Once inside, you can use Disney's FastPass. Popular rides can have long lines waiting to get in. Maybe an hour long! If you don't like long lines, go to the FastPass Kiosk near the line for the ride you want and enter your ticket. It will issue a receipt and give you a window of an hour to reserve your ride for later in that day. You can return at any time and start over from the beginning. This allows visitors to get more out of each park.

3. Consider shopping for gifts earlier in your day. The selection will be greater. Even before the parks close, there are always people in the shops. The down side is that you get to keep your purchases for the entire day.

4. Last tip from Disney is two for one. First, attend one of the Character Breakfasts, Lunches, or Dinners. These are great experiences for everyone in the party Disney World hotels and come with extra perks. The Character Breakfast at Animal Kingdom is a great way to get into the park before it opens. You will be treated to a breakfast adventure behind the scenes and, when the park opens, you'll get first in line.

5. Timing! Summer vacations are busier than winter breaks or spring breaks. If you are limited on time, plan ahead. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most popular and festive. Good are the last three week of January and most or all of October.

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